a radio fluxemburg double feature review by Rachael Tyrell:

sometimes reality seems like a solid chunk of stuff you can take a knife to
cut below the surface.... you know? see what’s underneath all this glossy shiny surface of modern life
are you information rich or are you information poor?
shared and consensual history and memory are... of course... what the cake is made
throw away your television
in 1976 john lydon sneered at the world from the sensitive early evening timeslot of primetime TV his mates said “fuck” and the UK got angry... .
but not over the things it should have got angry about johnny and his mates actually had a very valid points to make ... but world didn’t take much notice
all these years on he was right the world is a shopping scheme... nothing changed much and nothing got better
radiofluxenburg is a bit like cutting into the cake of rock n roll history
the tracks are a densely compacted layer cake and you can pick them out here are all of gugu flux’s influences ... this is the life he has lived through
there’s the angry but cynically sharp switch blade of punk that on reflection cut like a sensitive and loving surgeons blade into the heart of a rotten cancer ... but didn’t cure
of course it wouldn’t but it doesn't stop music from changing lives
and those lives could go on to change the world to make it better if we just
cut a bit deeper....
there’s the proto punk attitude and the sardonic self absorbed take of peter hammill
there’s the slick new jazz of king crimson and a twisted marriage between the doors and neu!
there’s the distilled world music mumblings, that often I detest, but here they make sense, buried in the cake of radiofluxemberg,
that as the contradictory stand alone ethos of new age music merely seem like phony and selfish thefts ..
is my body a temple or ...an amusement park?
irreverant and cutting but also warm and humorous
i don’t know what to make of radiofluxemburg
but then i don’t know what to make of the world either..
i love both . R.T.


[ a radioFluxemburg double feature ] FLUXTONE CD 2010 | digipack | 16 TRACKS | limited edition 500 pcs FLUXTONE 002

all songs composed , arranged , performed , recorded , produced by Gugu Flux